The current trustees of the Supplementary Education Trust are Dale Hillary, Zubair Hoosen, David Ndou, and Jenny Phillips.


The Supplementary Education Trust’s sole source of income is donations and sponsorships, which it accepts in order to allow it to arrange for supplementary education programmes to be provided to deserving learners.

Current Programmes

No fewer than 16 companies are currently involved with the trust, providing English, mathematics, science and accounting tuition to more than 2000 learners in centres around the country.

Success Stories

See how the Supplementary Education Trust has changed the lives of young South Africans.

Learners from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to perform poorly at school than their more affluent counterparts. Reducing school failure not only benefits individuals and society, it also contributes to economic growth and social development.

The Supplementary Education Trust (SET) aims to empower poor and needy learners from underperforming schools by raising funds for the procurement of quality supplementary education programmes and materials, thus enabling the learners to achieve their potential in their final matriculation examinations and gain entry to higher education.

To meet its objectives the trust works with an educational service provider with a proven track record of success in the supplementary education field.