The trustees have appointed Star Schools (Pty) Ltd as the trust’s service provider, to provide tuition to selected learners through its educators and educational materials and technology. Where appropriate, Star Schools (Pty) Ltd will also assist in obtaining donations and sponsorships.

The Supplementary Education Trust will support the education system and strive to remain a positive influence within the education sector, as its contribution to ensuring sustained economic growth in South Africa.

Star Schools’ Incubator School Programme

The Stars Schools flagship initiative, the Incubator School Programme enables organisations to use their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) in a way that addresses both their own business needs and one of the country’s national upliftment priorities, the skills shortage crisis.

Through the programme, organisations and individuals can sponsor high-potential learners at under-resourced schools in surrounding communities. These learners are exposed to the high-quality educational materials and instruction they need to achieve success at both matric and university level.

Learners are matched to the skills profile of the sponsor so that the programme is, to an extent, developing potential future employees from the community, while also responding to the country’s critical skills shortfall.

Although the focus is on meeting the sponsor’s specific requirements and directing learners on an intended career path – for example, engineering, IT or financial services – they may also be offered life orientation and career guidance instruction. This holistic strategy aims to produce well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the emotional and intellectual adjustment needed to study and succeed at a tertiary institution.

The programme is customised to suit the requirements of each sponsor. The focus is on obtaining the most out of the available budget and making each rand count. The programme can scale up from a single learner, although class sizes are restricted to 50 learners per class, per grade, to ensure the very highest level of instruction and support is maintained.

A mix of Saturday classes and intensive holiday, revision and pre-exam preparation sessions are used to meet the needs of learners. Benchmark assessments are conducted during induction into the programme and every quarter thereafter. Detailed reporting is also provided quarterly to sponsors communicating learner progress.

Star Schools’ Educator Incubator Programme

Top quality teaching is a critical component in the success of the incubator schools and educator development is a critical area of need throughout the school system. Consequently, Star Schools also offers a peer education programme to transfer educator skills from the incubator school to the feeder schools around it.

The programme aims to not only benefit those learners in the region not attending the incubator school, but also to empower educators in the feeder schools to achieve even higher levels of service excellence.